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The Waves of Love - A Hawaii Five-0 Slash Comm
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Slash community for the CBS show Hawaii Five-0
Hawaii Five-0 Slash Community
Welcome to The Waves of Love, a slash community for the CBS show Hawaii Five-0. This community is for fanfiction, fanart, graphics and discussion about any slash pairing (male/male or female/female) of the show. Feel free to join and post but please read the rules before you do:
1. Tag properly. We've dedicated a while to write a long list of tags that you can see at the sidebar on the left of the main site. If you can't find the one you need, just ask us and we will create it for you.
2. Spoilers are allowed, but only if they are placed behind an lj-cut. That includes promos, pictures, summaries and episode titles for upcoming or recent episodes. Remember that not everyone is able to watch the show at the same time. As a sign of courtesy, it would be great if any spoiler could be behind a cut for a couple of weeks after its first broadcasting.
Big pictures and NSFW material must be placed under an lj-cut too. (If you don't know how to do it, follow this link: How to do an lj-cut)
3. Fics must also be placed under an lj-cut. When you post a fic, please indicate:
You can add whatever you think is necessary (word count, author's notes...) as long as you keep those parameters.
4. RPS, crossover and gen fics are allowed. Het parings are only allowed if the main pairing of the story is a slash one (i.e. you can write Danno and Kono as a couple if the main pairing is McGarrett/Chin Ho)
5. Nice to meet you...and you...and you...and you.
Meaning that: We won't allow negative behaviours against actors, characters, other community members or their works. We like to be happy. We are in peace, always.
6. Every week the new episode will have a post created by our mods. That post will be the place for you to review, to comment or to discuss whatever you want about it. Spoilers will be warned every time, and remember, be nice with fellow members, everybody deserves to be respected!
7. Try to be as on-topic as possible. This is a slash community, so the purpose of it is to talk, discuss, write, etc about the slashiness of the show.
8. The administrators of this community are wesleyoso, hidefan and casness. Any doubt, suggestion or affiliate request, feel free to contact us anytime.

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